St Lawrence, Broughton.

Milton Keynes seems, to me, like the sort of cut-rate futuristic utopia one sees in a B-Grade sci-fi flick. You know, one that harbours a dark secret, possibly involving cannibalism. A ‘new town’ built after the Second World War, it lacks the nucleaic layout and concentration of facilities one finds in most cities in Britain. Indeed, the town was built around several villages, such as Bletchley.

A short bus ride from the centre of Milton Keynes, one finds themselves in Broughton, an expanse of shiny new housing development that was, as recently as twenty years ago, rural fields. Take the signs towards ‘St Lawrence Historic Church’, however, and you soon find yourself face to face with a remnant of an older, unrulier England.

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St Leonard’s, Flamstead.

St Leonard’s is a church on the road elsewhere.

That’s not to say that it is merely a pit stop, or that it is not worthy of exploring in its own right.

However, it cannot be denied that this is a church sits amidst several highly-trafficked routes. In that sense, it is the perfect place to begin my journey.

flamstead church.jpeg

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